How It Works for Growers

As an invited grower, you attend MexicoGrowerConnectSM as a guest of our magazine. Your travel arrangements along with your stay and meals at the resorts are covered for you. We take care of the details so you can focus your time on productive relationships that can help your operation grow. If you determine that an additional member from your operation would like to attend with you, we can help facilitate their plans. Ask us about costs for an additional attendee.

Leading Up To the Event

  • We first ask you to complete a grower survey. This helps us determine the areas of need and interests your operation has, both short-term and long-term.
  • We build on the survey needs by having one of our editors conduct an interview with you. They will review the needs identified in the survey and ask you to expand on them. The information you share is only used to help create the best possible meetings for you during the event. It will never be published in the magazines.
  • These two steps are combined into a grower profile, a detailed document of your operation’s specific needs. This becomes the building block of your on-site private meeting schedule.
  • Our staff utilizes your needs to recruit relevant suppliers who can help you achieve your goals.
  • You review the profiles of all the participating suppliers and let us know which companies you want to meet with.
  • Meetings are scheduled for you based on your interest and the responses from the suppliers. The meetings that match up become your approved on-site meeting schedule.
  • Once all meetings are approved by you and the suppliers, we share your contact information with them so that they can reach out and set an agenda with you for the on-site meeting. This helps facilitate the meeting and make the most of your time together at the event.

During the Event

You participate in two days of private one-on-one, 50-minute, business meetings with the executives from the supply side to discuss your business and its needs, and how the supplier can benefit your operation. You will also take part in our Grower Forum and participate in networking opportunities during meal functions.

The Value

You leave MexicoGrowerConnect with new resources, contacts and specific follow-up plans developed during your meetings. Our team will continue to work with you and the suppliers post-event to ensure that action items are addressed and relationships continue to grow.


MexicoGrowerConnect is an exclusive, invitation-only event. If you are interested, contact us.